UN Acknowledges Agri-Food Startup ‘Farmers Fresh Zone’ for Innovation

The United Nations (UN) has acknowledged the agri-food startup “Farmers Fresh Zone” for its innovation in the field of sustainable agriculture. The startup was one of the 10 winners of the UN’s Food Systems Innovation Challenge, which recognizes and rewards innovative solutions that are helping to transform food systems around the world.

Farmers Fresh Zone is a social enterprise that connects farmers in rural India with consumers in urban areas. The startup uses a technology platform to help farmers sell their produce directly to consumers, bypassing middlemen and ensuring that farmers get a fair price for their crops. Farmers Fresh Zone also provides farmers with training on sustainable farming practices, and it helps them to access credit and other resources.

The UN Food Systems Innovation Challenge was launched in 2021 to address the urgent need to transform food systems in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The challenge received over 1,000 applications from startups and social enterprises from around the world. The 10 winners of the challenge were selected based on their potential to have a significant impact on food systems, their scalability, and their ability to adapt to different contexts.

In a statement, the UN Food Systems Champion, Agnes Kalibata, said that the winners of the challenge are “leading the way in transforming food systems for the better.” She said that their “innovative solutions are helping to ensure that everyone has access to safe, nutritious food, while also protecting the environment.”

Farmers Fresh Zone is a shining example of how innovation can be used to address the challenges of food security and sustainability. The startup is helping to create a more equitable food system, and it is also helping to protect the environment. Farmers Fresh Zone is a worthy winner of the UN Food Systems Innovation Challenge, and it is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs who are working to make a difference in the world.