Start with Why by Simon Sinek Book Summary

The starting with why the concept is not just beneficial for businesses and viewers, but it can also be used in our own lives. By taking a step back and asking ourselves why we are doing something, it can be easier to identify our true goals and motivations.

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown Book Summary

Dare to Lead explores the concepts of effective leadership in a new and inspiring way. Through her research and writings, she has identified the key characteristics of a successful leader. She says that it’s not only about intelligence but also about being able to motivate, inspire and empower people.

The New Solution Selling by Keith Eades

The New Solution Selling by Keith Eades is a groundbreaking book that offers a new approach to sales. The book addresses a universal problem in sales – how to engage potential customers without resorting to outdated tactics.

Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

A successful salesperson can move potential customers along the sales process efficiently and effectively. They must be able to identify the customer’s needs, provide a solution that meets those needs, and then close the deal.