Karnataka Government Launches Innovative Platform Facilitating MSMEs’ Collaboration with Fintechs

Bengaluru, India – July 18, 2023 – The Karnataka government has launched an innovative platform called ‘FinTech Connect’ to facilitate collaboration between MSMEs and fintechs. The platform was launched by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

FinTech Connect is a web-based platform that will provide a single window for MSMEs to connect with fintechs. The platform will allow MSMEs to explore a variety of fintech solutions, such as digital lending, invoice financing, and supply chain finance.

“FinTech Connect is a one-of-a-kind platform that will help MSMEs to access the latest fintech solutions,” said Bommai. “This platform will help MSMEs to grow their businesses and become more competitive.”

The platform will also provide MSMEs with access to government schemes and initiatives. FinTech Connect will be managed by the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM).

“We are committed to providing MSMEs with the best possible support,” said KDEM CEO Dr. Abhishek Pandey. “FinTech Connect is a major step in this direction.”

FinTech Connect is a welcome initiative by the Karnataka government. The platform will help MSMEs to access the latest fintech solutions and grow their businesses.

Here are some additional details about FinTech Connect:

  • The platform is available in English and Kannada.
  • MSMEs can register on the platform for free.
  • The platform will be updated regularly with new fintech solutions.
  • MSMEs can contact KDEM for any assistance with the platform.