Indian Startup Actofit Secures Patent for Remote Exercise Therapy Technology

Actofit, an Indian startup that develops remote exercise therapy technology, has secured a patent for its technology. The patent covers the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to track and analyze patient movement data, and to provide personalized exercise recommendations.

Actofit’s technology is designed to help patients with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, back pain, and diabetes. The technology can be used to track patients’ progress over time, and to identify areas where they need additional support. Actofit’s technology can also be used to provide patients with real-time feedback on their movements, which can help them to improve their form and technique.

Here are some additional details about the story:

  • Actofit was founded in 2018 by a team of engineers and medical professionals.
  • The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.
  • Actofit’s technology has been used by over 10,000 patients in India.

Here are some quotes from Actofit executives:

  • “We are excited to have secured a patent for our technology,” said Arjun Kalra, co-founder and CEO of Actofit. “This patent is a validation of our work, and it will help us to bring our technology to more patients.”
  • “We believe that our technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that exercise therapy is delivered,” said Kalra. “We are confident that our technology will help patients to improve their health and well-being.”

Overall, the patent awarded to Actofit is a significant development in the field of remote exercise therapy. The patent will help Actofit to protect its intellectual property, and it will also help the company to raise capital and expand its business. It will be interesting to see how Actofit’s technology is used to improve the lives of patients with chronic conditions.”