India to launch BRICS Startup Forum to boost startups, investors, incubators: Goyal

India will launch a BRICS Startup Forum to boost collaboration among startups, investors, and incubators in the BRICS countries. The forum will be launched at the upcoming BRICS summit in China.

The forum will be co-hosted by India and China. It will bring together startups, investors, and incubators from the BRICS countries to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and explore investment opportunities.

The forum is expected to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in the BRICS countries. It will also help to create a more conducive environment for startups to grow and succeed.

The announcement of the forum was made by Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal at the India Today Conclave. Goyal said that the forum would be a “platform for startups to showcase their innovations and connect with investors and incubators from across the BRICS.”

Goyal also said that the forum would help to “foster a spirit of collaboration and innovation” among the BRICS countries. He added that the forum would “provide a platform for startups to share their experiences and learn from each other.”

The BRICS Startup Forum is a major initiative by India to boost the startup ecosystem in the country. It is also a sign of India’s commitment to cooperation with other emerging economies.

The forum is expected to be a success and will help to achieve its goals of boosting innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration among the BRICS countries.