Gujarat’s Rogue Opportunities Commits ₹25 Crore Investment in Indian Startups

Rogue Opportunities, an angel network based in Gujarat, has committed ₹25 Crore to invest in Indian startups. The fund will focus on early-stage startups in the technology, healthcare, and education sectors.

Rogue Opportunities was founded in 2022 by a group of entrepreneurs and investors with a strong track record of success. The fund’s managing partners are Dishank Shah and Yash Shah.

Dishank Shah is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the technology industry. He is the co-founder of several successful startups, including Inshorts and NewsDog.

Yash Shah is an investment banker with over 8 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has worked with leading investment banks, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Rogue Opportunities is looking to invest in startups that have the potential to disrupt their industries and make a significant impact on the world. The fund is particularly interested in startups that are working on innovative solutions to real-world problems.

The fund will invest in startups at all stages of development, from seed to Series A. Rogue Opportunities is also willing to provide follow-on funding to its portfolio companies.

The fund is targeting a return of 25% to 30% for its investors. Rogue Opportunities is confident that it can achieve this return by investing in high-growth startups with strong teams.

The investment by Rogue Opportunities is a sign of the growing interest in the Indian startup ecosystem. The fund’s focus on early-stage startups is also a positive sign, as it shows that there is a demand for capital in this stage of the investment cycle.

Rogue Opportunities is well-positioned to be successful in the Indian startup ecosystem. The fund has a strong team with a proven track record of success, and it is focused on investing in high-growth startups with strong teams. The fund is also backed by a group of experienced investors who are committed to helping startups succeed.