GST officials visit edtech major upGrad’s office

GST officials visited the office of upGrad, an edtech major, on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. The officials reportedly visited the office to conduct a routine survey.

upGrad is a leading online education company that offers a variety of courses, including MBA, engineering, and data science. The company has over 1 million students enrolled in its courses.

The GST officials reportedly visited the upGrad office in Gurugram, Haryana. The officials reportedly checked the company’s records and asked questions about its tax compliance.

upGrad said in a statement that it is “fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.” The company said that it is cooperating with the GST officials and will provide all the necessary information.

The visit by the GST officials comes at a time when the edtech industry is under scrutiny from regulators. In recent months, the government has tightened regulations for the edtech industry.

The government has also said that it is considering a proposal to levy a 28% GST on online education courses.

The visit by the GST officials to upGrad’s office is likely to be seen as a sign that the government is taking a closer look at the edtech industry.