Google-backed Anthropic raises $100 million from South Korea’s SK Telecom

Anthropic, a research company that is focused on developing safe artificial intelligence (AI), has raised $100 million from South Korea’s SK Telecom.

Anthropic was founded in 2016 by Max Tegmark, Nick Bostrom, and others. The company’s mission is to “prevent existential risks from artificial intelligence.” Anthropic’s research focuses on developing safe AI systems that are aligned with human values.

The funding from SK Telecom will be used to support Anthropic’s research and development efforts. SK Telecom is a South Korean telecommunications company that is also investing in other AI-related startups.

In a statement, Tegmark said that the funding from SK Telecom is “a significant vote of confidence in our mission.” He said that the funding will help Anthropic to “continue to push the boundaries of AI safety research.”

The funding from SK Telecom is a sign of the growing interest in AI safety. AI safety is a rapidly emerging field of research that is focused on developing safe AI systems. The field is gaining traction as more and more people become concerned about the potential risks of AI.

Anthropic is one of the leading companies in the field of AI safety. The company has a strong team of researchers and engineers, and it has received funding from some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Anthropic’s work is essential to ensuring that AI is used for good and not for harm.