Getting to Know Nithin Kamath: An Introduction to the Man Behind Zerodha

Major Events Of Nithin Kamath’s Life

1980: Nithin Kamath is born in Hassan, Karnataka, India.

2003: Nithin Kamath graduates from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

2003-2010: Nithin Kamath works as a trader in Chicago, USA.

2010: Nithin Kamath returns to India and founds Zerodha, a discount brokerage firm, along with his younger brother Nikhil Kamath.

2012: Zerodha launches its trading platform, which includes advanced trading tools and charting software.

2013: Zerodha introduces a completely online account opening process, making it easy for customers to start trading.

2014: Zerodha launches “Coin,” a platform for mutual fund investments, and “Zerodha Varsity,” a free online stock market education portal.

2016: Nithin Kamath is awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Ernst & Young.

2017: Zerodha becomes the first Indian brokerage firm to offer direct mutual fund investments.

2018: Nithin Kamath is listed in Forbes India’s “W-Power Trailblazers” list.

2019: Zerodha launches “Streak,” an algorithmic trading platform, and “Zerodha Kite Connect,” a platform for developers to build trading apps.

2020: Zerodha introduces “Zerodha Console,” a platform for tracking investments across different asset classes.

2021: Zerodha launches “Zerodha Commodities,” a platform for trading in commodities.

Nithin Kamath is an Indian entrepreneur and founder of Zerodha, which is one of India’s leading retail brokerage firms. Nithin Kamath’s journey from a small town in Karnataka to the founder of one of India’s most successful brokerage firms is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs in India. Throughout his career, Nithin Kamath has been committed to making trading affordable and accessible for retail investors in India. His innovative ideas and leadership have helped Zerodha become one of India’s leading brokerage firms.