Cash Crunch Leads Dunzo to Delay Salary Payouts for the Second Time

Dunzo, a quick commerce startup, has delayed salary payouts for its employees for the second time in a month. The company has cited a cash crunch as the reason for the delay.

Dunzo’s employees were supposed to receive their salaries on July 15, but the company has said that they will now be paid on July 30. This is the second time in a month that Dunzo has delayed salary payouts. The company had previously delayed salaries on June 15.

Dunzo’s decision to delay salary payouts has caused anxiety and frustration among its employees. Some employees have said that they are struggling to make ends meet due to the delay.

Dunzo has said that it is working to resolve the cash crunch and that it will pay its employees their salaries as soon as possible. However, the company has not given any specific timeline for when the salaries will be paid.

The cash crunch at Dunzo is a sign of the broader challenges facing the Indian startup ecosystem. The startup ecosystem is facing a funding slowdown, and many startups are struggling to raise money. This is leading to cash crunches at some startups, which is affecting their ability to pay their employees.

The delay in salary payouts at Dunzo is a setback for the company. Dunzo is one of the most well-funded startups in India, and it has been seen as a poster child for the quick commerce industry. The delay in salary payouts will raise questions about Dunzo’s financial health and its ability to sustain its operations.