Anurang Jain: The Man Behind the Success of Endurance Technologies

Major Events Of Anurang Jain’s Life

  • 1965: Anurang Jain is born on August 5th, in Mumbai, India.
  • 1988: Jain completes his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Pune.
  • 1990: Jain completes his Master’s degree in Management from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • 1991: Jain joins Endurance Technologies Limited, which was founded by his father Raunaq Singh.
  • 1996: Jain becomes the Joint Managing Director of Endurance Technologies.
  • 2006: Jain becomes the Managing Director of Endurance Technologies.
  • 2012: Endurance Technologies acquires a majority stake in Italian suspension manufacturer, Paioli.
  • 2016: Jain is awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Manufacturing category.
  • 2017: Endurance Technologies goes public with a successful IPO.
  • 2018: Jain is named the CNBC TV18 India Business Leader of the Year.
  • 2019: Endurance Technologies acquires Adler SpA, an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic brake systems.
  • 2021: Endurance Technologies acquires a majority stake in a German-based company, Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH.

Anurang Jain is an Indian businessman and the Chairman and Managing Director of Endurance Technologies Limited. Throughout his career, Jain has helped Endurance Technologies become one of the leading auto component manufacturers in India, with a diverse portfolio of products and a global presence. He has been recognized for his contributions to the Indian automotive industry and has also been actively involved in philanthropic activities.

Anurang Jain is a successful Indian businessman who has taken Endurance Technologies to new heights with his leadership skills. He is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs in India and continues to contribute to the growth of the Indian economy.